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Quotation requests for Artificial Grass is fast becoming our most enquired about service. There has been a rapid rise in Artificial Lawn installations over the past 12 months, and with a stylish, as good as grass look, it's easy to see why.

There are two types of installation that we offer, which include a permeable, and non permeable base. The preparation for each is very similar. For a permeable base we dig out the area required 5 or 6 inches deep, we construct a wooden frame using 5x2 tanalised boards, we then lay a taram membrane, and fill the area with 5 or 6 inch of quarried hardcore. Once this is compacted solid, we add a further 1 inch of granite dust, which is compacted and screeded flat. The new Artificial Lawn is then rolled out over the top and squared with the timbers.

Once in place, the edges are cut so we have a 5 inch overhang of grass all the way around. We start on one edge and nail the grass onto the boards, then remove any wrinkles and bumps working our way towards the unfastened edges. Once flat, the whole area is nailed down tight. If we are laying the Artificial Grass onto a solid concrete base, the grass will be glued down with a strong adhesive. For a permeable installation we will make sure the rain water drains off into an adequate soak away or drainage system.

Often, we will need to join two pieces of Artificial Grass to fill the area required, all the joints are seamlessly cut and glued together, to give the impression of one continuous area of grass.

When the lawn is completely installed, the area around the edges will normally be finished off with a flag or gravel edging, depending on the customers preference.

The advancements that have been made in Artificial Lawns over the past 10 years means lawns no longer have to look like Leisure Centre Astro-Grass football pitches, filled up with sand. The Artificial Grass products we use do not need infill sand to keep the blades stood upright, thus making for a more natural looking, maintenance free lawn.

Our Artificial Lawns are made right here in the UK, and are child and pet friendly. Please check out our gallery section for some photographs of our latest installations.

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